Esther R.

letter to president

I would like to address an issue which I think is important. Immigration is a constant conflict in the United States and I think that needs to be changed. I hope you enjoy reading this letter and like my ideas.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

Immigration is a big conflict in the United States. Immigrants are mainly coming from Mexico and are taking the jobs of US citizens that are labor jobs and jobs that are not high paying. Immigrants can potentially be dangerous to the country because we don't know who is coming into the country as well as going out. It is unfair to assume these people are dangerous, but because the United States has a large population, we need to take precautions with the history of terrorism and make sure everyone is safe. We want precautions, but at the same time it is hard to enforce these. I think a solution to this problem would be to have border control and people to monitor who goes out and in. There will always be people who will figure out a way to get into the country illegally but that is beyond our control.

It is important that there are no illegal immigrants because families can be separated.if the government finds out and they deport one of the family members back to Mexico and then the family will separated. The idea of building a wall to keep Mexicans out of the country is a good idea, but the issue with that is who will pay for it. The wall will cost around $25 billion dollars. To make Mexico pay for the wall, in my opinion, is not the right thing to do. By making them pay for the wall, Mexico will hate the US. Why would Mexico pay for something that is a disadvantage for them? I think the best solution to illegal immigration is to have border control. The united states is a free nation and to not let people into the country just because of their race, and their culture is not the right thing to do. History might show that terrorists are mostly Muslims, but that doesn't mean all Muslims are terrorists, and it is unfair to assume so.

People who are not Muslim might not realize how violated Muslims feel at this period in time. Muslims get stopped all the time at airports and just in their daily life because people assume they are terrorists or are associated with terrorism. It isn't just Muslims that get stopped its Jewish people too, and anyone traveling to the middle east. In the first amendment of the constitution it says we have the right to religion, but do we really? The right to religion is to practice whatever religion you want and the expectation is not to get extra checks at the airport, but it's happening now. So when it says freedom of religion, there is a certain limit to that freedom, not full freedom. The united states is referred to as a family, but we are not a family if we don't accept everyone into this country. People are just looking for a country where they can be themselves and practice their own religion; as a free country, I think we should have open arms and accept anyone who wants to live here. There needs to be precautions because there are dangerous people out in the world, but for the most part I think we should accept people and not deny access into this country.  


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