Nusrat K. New York


This letter is based on the bad effects of deportation which focused on the Central American kids who were undocumented and came to the USA. I am requesting to the dear President to find a fair solution for this major issue.​

Dear President of the United States,

I am a senior at an International High School and also a US immigrant who came from Bangladesh three years ago. Currently, I am living in Brooklyn, New York. Being an immigrant and a student of an international High School always makes me realize how hard and insecure an undocumented immigrant's life is everywhere. Therefore, I would like to introduce a huge fact that should have come up with a solution as soon as possible for the sake of humanity and democracy for everyone in the society. The deportation of undocumented immigrants from Central America is a major problem that you should address because sending them back to the cruel society can destroy their whole life.

“Everyone should have an opportunity to learn in a positive environment, to enjoy the learning process, and feel comfortable and content within in it” (Barry Saide). In this world, everyone has the right to stay in a safe and riskless place in order to stop their life from being destroyed for social circumstances. In an article I read called “More children entering U.S. without their parents” Here is Irene who escape illegally El Salvador to the US by herself at the age of 15. “She had to leave her hometown because Gang members were threatening to hurt her if she did not join them, she said.” This shows how kids in the Central America are being threatened to be a part of the crimes, while they have the potentiality to be a great person. “She is now hoping to get a green card and build her life in the United States. 'I want to be a doctor,' she said.” While a kid could become a doctor by being a legal part of United States, on the other hand, they can be a part of criminal gangs in Mexico. Giving her the right to stay in the United States not only give her a safe life but also give her the opportunity to build her career, and surprise the world by it.

The action that US government taking known as deportation means sending the illegal immigrants back to their country is letting the kids get killed and raped as well. In an another article called “We’re Helping Deport Kids to Die” focused on a girl named Elena who lives in Mexico forced to be a gang leader’s girlfriend at the age of 14 and she had to agree for the sake of her family’s lives. According to William Kristol of the New York Times, “If other countries were forcibly returning people to their deaths, we would protest. But because we Americans worry about refugees swarming across our borders, we help pay for Mexico to intercept them along its southern border and send them — even children like Elena — back home, where they may well be raped or killed. “ This illustrates the result of deportation which could become the reason of the dangerous risk of their lives which include murder and rape and their action might not change the rule of deportation since the United States is a really powerful country.

Every kid has the right to grow up in a society that serves freedom and safety everywhere. While the kids in the United States are getting that but Central America is suffering from the dangerous violence and it's getting hard for them to survive in this cruel society. So please undo the deportation, for the sake of their life and future, let them stay here which might help this country to develop further.


Nusrat Khundkar

Brooklyn International High School

BIHS Seniors 2016-17

Brooklyn International High School, in New York City, is a public school for recent immigrants to the U.S.

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