Zach Indiana


There's is a lot of immigrants that need jobs and there are jobs for them, we just need to find them jobs

Dear Future President, 

I chose this issue because it's scary how many people are in the US. You gotta get rid of the people who aren't willing to help economy, jobs, businesses, etc. Some jobs need people like this. Do your best on the situation.

There is about 20% of the worlds population in America or at least attracted to it. 75% are hard workers that meet requirements. Which are the ones you keep. The other 25% need to leave. Obama let in way too many immigrants, wasn't too bright of him. 10,000 to 65,000 refugees came from Syria, unbelievable!!! 25% are illegal anyways. They live in California, Illinois, Florida, Texas, NY, and NJ. Trump said "when Mexico sends its people, they're bringing drugs, Mexico isn't sending its best. And I assume some are good people". Hillary said " the US would have to be vigilant in screening and vetting refugees from Syria".  Sincerely, Zach Saylor, Miami Middle School.