Knut T. New York

The Next Step Against ISIS

I wrote a letter to our next president about what the next step against fighting ISIS should be

To you our next president, you know that every four years from either being in the debates or watching them there are different subjects to be debated every year. One of the major issues in the past years has been terrorism and how to fight ISIS. I’m sure you have debated and contemplated this issue many times either in a debate or in your head on how to fight against them. I’m also confident that you know that for a country to be strong they need strong allies and relatively solid world. Many of America’s allies are under fire by terrorism and the immigration crisis in Europe due to the terrorism in their countries. The world today is for the most part falling apart with people killing other people due to what they said or people judging other people due to their beliefs and treating them differently because of that.

Across the news in the last couple of years you have seen people suffering and dying due to the reign of terror from ISIS. This ruins families and people lives across the world when they lose their love ones or people that they cared for. Other people lives in the Middle East are also being ruined by the bombing campaign against ISIS by drones and bombers and also the reign of terror by ISIS towards them. Their homes and belongings are being destroyed and this is ruining their lives. This just encourages the fight against the ones who are bombing their homes and killing their loved ones as well which is us. They are also flooding to Europe hoping for a new beginning or safety. This has caused panic in several European countries and across the world.

For a country to stay strong they need to help others in need, to create allies and stop the fighting and killing in their country. This is why the U.S. needs to be more involved in the fight against ISIS so we can become a more safer and solidified country and world. “It has become common knowledge that eliminating IS will never be achieved through airstrikes alone, nor through classical counterterrorism, locally or in the Western countries.” This was published by Huffington Post. But also putting boots on the ground and risking other american lives is exactly what ISIS would want. They would want us in their territory where they would have the upper hand and it would become another sinerio like the other wars in the middle east.

“So, the first thing to do differently going forward: stop bombing nations into ruins, and stop shipping weapons into the area you’ve left in chaos.” This was written by World Beyond War. This would make ISIS have a weaker central state and have less weapons to fight with. This would make the people of the middle east still have homes and property and make them revolt against terrorism for taking and destroying their homes and their country in the past. This would make the middle east a more solidified place and that would make us a stronger country by having stronger allies with, less terrorism in them.

To whoever may be the next president a woman or man the decision is up to you of what the next step against fighting ISIS should be. Will you continue to watch people's lives be destroyed across the world as their lives are blown to smithereens. Or will you try to settle the fighting and have a stronger more bonded world where people aren't trying to kill each other for their religion or beliefs. Make the right decision when you are in office for the world and our country to recognize.