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How A Parents Drug Abuse Can Effect Their Children

Parents who abuse drugs don't pay attention to how they are hurting their children physically and emotionally. This can lead to the child having problems in the future socially and internally.

Dear Future President,

A major issue that I think needs some light on it is drug abuse and how it can have different effects on kids. There are so many people in America today who suffer from drug abuse but it's not just them who suffer from it their family and friends can suffer too. There should be more rehab centers that do counseling across America not only for the addicts themselves but for their family and friends who need someone to talk to.

Parents who have a drug addiction don't see how that can affect their kids. Most kids whose parents are drug addicts are exposed to violence, may get abused, get neglected, and even can be malnourished. When an adult is addicted to drugs they can have mood swings, they struggle with their behavior, and their actions are unpredictable. This can affect the kids because they may become depressed, anxious, violent, etc.

Studies have shown that prison inmates and rehab attendants admit that they have experienced either neglect, physical, sexual, or even verbal abuse (Narconon 1). Children who grew up around drug abuse and alcoholism tend to do these things as they get older because it is what they grew up around. There should be support centers in school for kids who deal with parents who are drug addicts, and more support centers around America so the child can understand that there are people out there who are willing to listen to them and help them. This can be helpful to the child because they won't feel like they are alone anymore.

In conclusion there should be more rehab centers that not only help the drug addict themselves but can also help their family and friends that they are impacting. If kids have that support system that they can't get from their parents they will feel like someone actually cares about them.


Briana Scales


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