Gavin M. Ohio

Drugs, Just Say No!

Drugs is a gigantic problem in the United States and we need to finally do the right thing.

Dear Future President,

I am 13 years old and I’m from Brookville, Ohio. I think that drugs are a gigantic problem in the United States of America. These drugs, especially heroin, kill a lot of people every year. Heroin is a very addicting drug that once on this drug, sometimes you can never get off of it. This could affect you personally just liked it affected me personally. We need to do something about this before more people die and families lose loved ones. We should spend more money and more time helping people and getting more rehab centers, this will result in more lives being saved rather than just letting them die.

Heroin, just like many other drugs, is addicting. Also, it can hurt you mentally and physically. These drugs can cause restlessness, muscle and bone pain. Those are just a few things that can really damage your mind and body just by doing one bad habit. In an interview I read, a girl who was addicted heroin said, “You literally want to die.” When you take heroin after a long period of time, you wish that you were dead. That can affect families and yourself. You might start doing things that make you depressed and be in pain because of how bad this drug makes you feel. There were 47,000 deaths in the past year. 47,000 families lost a loved one. That is heartbreaking to think about and just imagine what those families think everyday.

Heroin is usually introduced to somebody because they can not afford the street price of painkillers. You can get painkillers either on the street or from the doctors. Eventually though those painkillers will become extremely expensive because all that you have been doing is buying those so you run out of money. Heroin and other drugs are cheaper than those painkillers so people get into those other drugs.

My cousin went through a part in his life were he was addicted to drugs and it was painful for the entire family. He would act different and when I see him that is all that I can think about. After the family found out, we got him to rehab to help his addiction. My cousin is doing better now and he isn’t addicted to these drugs now. We didn’t go to the cops and have him thrown in jail, but instead we were patient and helped him in order to stop his problem. Other people who are in jail because of their drug problem usually don't get better but my cousin did because of rehab.

So it is on you Future President to stop this drug problem in the country. With all of these people dying in the country we should help these people that are sick. If we help, it will result in saved lives and happy people. If you don’t there will be dead Americans. People’s families will be saved and no one will get hurt. So it is up to you, Future President, to save the lives of the American people.



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Brookville 8th Grade Students

8th grade students at Brookville Intermediate School have been studying issues that are important to them. They are posting their letters to the next president in order to have a voice in the upcoming election.

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