Joseph K.

The War on Drugs

What should we do to fix the drug problem?

Dear President:

Drugs are a bad thing for your community your state your family and friends. From prescription drugs to crack cocaine.I have had the tragedy of one of my family members die because of drugs.

These drugs should have a bigger punishment if caught for example 20-40 years in prison to give them more time to think than eight to ten years, Because that’s exactly like a slap on the hand to them.I believe that with this rule in place we would have more people think about the risks and have less people overdose on prescribed pills,meth and other drugs.

I use to live in a community a long time ago where people did drugs sold drugs and there were prostitutes on the corner of this one street when i would walk home from school. As a community they needed to fix themselves. As a little kid i would always walk home very fastly and keep 10 feet distance from any grown up in the fear of being kidnapped and broken glass all over the place with the aroma of beer constantly.

Drugs is what can do that to people kidnap, get drunk, be crazy because there high, or becoming a prostitute for extra money and drugs possibly some times. There are a total of 570,000 people die due to drugs from current studies.

As a kid Mr.President if you had to do what i did for 2 years every day and walk home with the fear of being kid napped, have a drug addict talk to you or step in broken glass and go to sleep with police constantly in the house across from your’s and three or four times every six months the swat team and 2 helicopters there keeping you up all night and having the fear in you trapped afraid of being hurt while praying that the criminal won't come near your window that has no screen and is always open for air.

Mr.President how would you like that life of fear and sorrow for the ones you have lost do to drug overdose or just straight up drugs when as a nation you know that you could do more to protect your people and the ones you love from drugs Mr.President.

Sincerely;Joseph Kedzia