Henry Michigan

Gun control

The 2nd amendment was created to protect us from the Government. For the Government to take it away is the same as taking away your freedom

Dear future President,

I am a concerned citizen and I would like to discuss our nation's gun laws. According to the second Amendment “The right to bear arms shall not be infringed”. Yet the amendment is being infringed and is quite possibly in danger of being destroyed. States are attempting to ban “Assault rifles” and completely abolish the use of concealed carry weapons such as handguns. Taking away our nation's weapons will not fix the amount of mass shootings and killings across the country. According to the NRA 92% of mass shootings are done in a gun free zone. That means that only 8% of shootings occur in open carry zones, most unsuccessfully. By taking away our firearms, the government also takes away our freedom. The only reason the second amendment exists is to protect our families and our freedom from the government.

Justifying that only assault rifles and certain hunting rifles and large caliber pistols are the firearms being banned is useless. 68.4% of mass shootings are done with a smaller caliber, standard size handgun. The people that fall victim to these types of shootings are law abiding citizens in gun free zones that have no way to protect themselves. It doesn't help that our people are stressing out and being generally weak when it comes to any type of weapon, and that's not helping our future kids either. We need the next generation to become strong independent citizens because the millennials definitely did not pan out as we would have hoped. The amount of actual shootings since 1982 as rising by an extreme amount due to increased gun laws. In 82’ there was only roughly 9 shootings in the year. In 2012 with dramatically increased gun laws and even more gun free zones there have been roughly 80 shootings in the year as well as over 145 injuries.

I am completely for concealed carry in all public places excluding airport security stations. Taking away our weapons will leave us vulnerable and that is extremely dangerous. Firearms offer security and can save people's lives as much as our Police officers do. A major problem in our society is the lack of training we have been given with such weapons. With more gun safety classes there will be more responsible people and we will have a generally more intelligent society as a whole.


Cadillac High School

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