Ariel H. Michigan


Homelessness is a becoming a major problem in America.

Dear Future President ,

Have you ever walked around somewhere and seen homeless people around in the streets or homeless people begging for money? Have you seen families struggle to afford things? Have you ever wondered where do these homeless people sleep? Homelessness is a major issue in america right now the percentage of homelessness is rising.(According to The state of homelessness in america)”On a single night in Jan 2015 514,708 people were experiencing homelessness , in 2014 2 million people were poor and in households were doubled up with family and friends.

The homeless people are struggling to support their families with buying medications,cloths, a house and foods. This is becoming a major problem in america. I researched about homeless because their could be a strategy to stop homelessness almost 40% of homeless people in america are under 18 we are not just talking about adults these are kids that are becoming homeless at a very young age. I know we can come to a conclusion to end homelessness. Most of these adults or homeless people are homeless because they witness violence, abuse, sexual abuse, and murders. We could provide a community in some place throughout america that would make homeless people come together and make things better.

There is nothing more sadder than seeing homeless people out sleeping in the streets or seeing children holding up signs walking down the street i see more homeless people everyday.A lot of families can’t do anything about it because they can’t afford rent,food, and etc. Winter is approaching homeless people won’t have a place to stay, a lot of deaths can happen this winter.

Overall we should come to a conclusion to get homeless adults, and children a better life. We can make a difference by taking action. I hope you can do something to help the homelessness in America before the percentage rises even more. This is affecting our community because we have homeless people sleeping in the streets. This is a very important because something can be done to help or save homeless people lives.



Carman-Ainsworth High School

Carman-Ainsworth High School

This group consist of students in the course of English 12 for Ms. Mathews. We will be posting on issues of social injustice and making a change for the better.

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