Andrew S. Louisiana

Healthier Food Choices

We need to educate people on food education.

Dear Future President:

We need to educate the children of the Untied States on healthier foods before it is too late. If we let our children keep eating what they are eating, they will live ten years fewer than the past generation. One of the biggest killers in the Untied States is our diet. Thirty years ago there was fresh, locally grown food, but now there are high fat and processed foods in our diet. Even though the pizza, hot dogs, and hamburgers taste good, they are slowly killing us. If we educate our future generations, you could prevent many deaths.

To prevent this, we need to educate people on food choices. Nutritionists need to speak in schools about food education. Schools need health teachers to be more involved in educating people about food and preventing obesity. The more involved the teachers are, the more students will get the information they need about the food they are eating.

Some political views on food education are to ban certain items, like chips and sodas, in schools. That is wrong because people need to realize that what they are eating is bad. If you ban certain foods you are not educating, you are just taking away the foods. No one is going to take away certain foods when children get out of school. That is why we need to educate children early about healthier food choices.

Public schools in San Francisco were having horrible lunches served by the school. The lunches had high fat and lots of processed foods. The reason most schools have unhealthy lunches is because it costs much more to supply healthy foods. In 2010, the government gave the schools $2.74 per person to make lunches. That is not enough to pay for a healthy meal. The amount needed to buy a healthy meal per person is $5. The main reason schools continue to serve all this unhealthy food is because it is all they can afford.

If we do nothing, more and more people will die because of the foods we are eating. By educating our future generations, we will save millions of dollars on healthcare. Even though children are young, we still have a voice and that voice needs to be heard.

                                                                                                                                                    With luck,

                                                                                                                                                    Andrew Schacht

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