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Home Is A Safe Place

Steps should be taken to make America safe again

Mr President,

I know my home is a safe place because my father will do whatever it takes to  stop anyone that may want to do harm to my family or me. Mr President it is time for you to do the same.

One way to make America safe again is to get tough on immigration. No longer is "they just slipped through the cracks" a proper excuse. You, as the President of the United States, are responsible for creating a system that will check immigrants as they come into our country. What about the illegal immigrants? Invest more money into the border patrols. Quit investing money in other countries that are know to harbor terrorists and use that money for the patrols.

For the countries that support those who hate the United States a.k.a terrorists, hit them where it hurts: their pocket books. We must quit buying their products and if some US companies refuse to quit buying their products impose high taxes on that countries products. You could call it an anti-terrorism tax and use the monies raised to fight terrorism!

Mr President we can make this country safe again, but it is going to take you taking action against the illegal immigrants and those countries that do not have our best intentions in mind. 

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