Kaitlin D. Louisiana


There are too many lives being taken. Illegalized abortion and let there voices be heard.

Dear President,

Congratulations on being able to sit on the highest seat in the United States of America. Although there are plenty of problems in the U.S. , my main focus on today is abortion. Today in the U.S. , abortion is legal, which is allowing many people to get away with murder. If it is illegalized, we are giving many children and people a second chance at life.

Americans identify as only 44%pro-life, according to recent polling groups. To the Pro-life Americans, they think that life begins at fertilization and it is proven to be true in studies. So why kill or murder someone with no voice. There are other choices out there. It's almost like your putting to shame to those who are unable to have babies. If you don't want it, someone else would love to care for it.

In closing, I believe that the next to step in office should represent pro-life and not focus on choice. Let the little voices speak and be heard. Under God's word abortion is killing another human being.


Kaitlin Dooley