Natalia T. Louisiana

The Black-Footed Ferret

We must save the Black-Footed Ferret from extinction.

Dear Future President:

America’s environment is slowly dying. Species are going extinct, air is polluted, and natural landscapes are destroyed for human entertainment. With such little regard to the world around us, we are digging our own grave, and time is running out. The only way to fix this is to start saving, not destroying. If everyone takes part, earth can be slowly renewed to the beauty it used to be. We must act fast before certain animals and plants become extinct. The Black-footed Ferret is the most endangered animal in America. Once thought to be extinct in the 1970’s, they are holding onto the cliff of life by finger tips.

The Black-footed Ferrets are nocturnal mammals that depend upon prairie dogs for food and for their burrows. In 1985 and 1987, the last eighteen were taken in for reproduction. In present time, there are two groups of the ferrets surviving in the wild on their own. To keep this species flourishing, America should help out with providing suitable homes for them. These ferrets were once thriving in the Great Plains. With a small amount of money, we could bring them back to their home where they can learn to survive again. Encouraging people to pay attention to how they affect the environment would help prevent more animals and plants from dying out.

By not acknowledging this issue, the world will slowly fall apart. Everything will eventually be gone, and no one will ever know that the Black-footed Ferret existed. The small effort it would take to save the mammals could change the world. Creating realistic environments for the ferrets with real life situations in the Great Plains would teach the animals how to survive there. With just a bit of notice, the ferrets can survive and thrive in a happy world filled with life.


Natalia Tooraen

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