Allison Michigan

Animal Testing

This letter is how there is to much animal testing and how to change that.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

I am a 6th grader in Michigan and I believe there are many problems U.S. citizens have to face including animal testing. Animal testing is wrong and no one should do it .There are many ways to fix this problem. Joaquin Phoenix says, “ It takes nothing away from a human to be nice to an animal.” It is true you don’t need to be cruel to animals. I believe that animals should not be tested on.

Scientists test many things on animals to make sure they are okay to use on humans. Animals they test on include mice, fish, rabbits, rats, farm animals, cats, dogs, and others too. Humane Society International states than 9 out of 10 products tested on animals give the impression that the product is safe on humans but it isn’t. By this happening, over 100 million animals die each year and that shouldn’t be acceptable.

Laboratory scientists do many things including forcing animals to inhale toxic fumes, force feeding, and depriving animals of food and water. Another problem with testing on animals is that humans and animals are so diverse. Our bodies and structure are much different than theirs’. Using animals to test products results many times in the process being flawed and therefore the animals die needlessly.

Animals should not have to suffer just because they are of lesser intelligence. Different religions think that animals should not have to suffer needlessly for experimentation. Some people are unaware of the agony that the animals are put through. This is abuse and it should be stopped.

In conclusion, animal testing is wrong and there are ways to fix it. One way to fix it is to use a thing called a vitro test. A vitro test is a test using human cells and tissue. Another way is to use human-patient simulators. This is a computerized simulator that acts like a human to do tests on. I hope that you do something about this problem, and if you do something about it you will save lives of many animals.