Sebastian V. Michigan

Problems with Racial Inequality

We live in a world where white people are more likely to succeed in life than black people or Hispanic people. White people get higher pay or better education than other races and that is a huge problem that needs to be solved.

Anyone who thinks of America, they think of a diverse country where everyone accepts each other. Well, that seems like it's becoming a false statement. Racial inequality is becoming a huge problem in today's economy and it needs to be solved.

For my first point, I would like to bring up the fact that African Americans aren't getting as much income as whites. Studies show that only 18.7 percent of African-Americans had a bachelor's degree or higher in 2012, compared to 32.2 percent of the total population. "Annual median income for African-American households was almost $20,000 less than the annual median income for the rest of the nation." This means that African-American's are paid much less than whites or other races and it's a problem.

The next thing I would like to point out is that African American families carry more student loan debt than white families. While I understand that student debt is not just a problem with African American's, it's still a problem in general. Studies show that "In 2013, 42 percent of African Americans ages 25 to 55 had student loan debt, compared with 28 percent of whites." African American's also have lower graduation rates than whites do. My point is that people shouldn't be able to not get through something like college just because of their color.

Now, while while racial inequality is still a big problem in our world, it's also sort of improving. A lot of our schools are no longer segregated and more and more non-white people are getting jobs and earning a living. But these improvements seem very minor considering all of the other racial issues.

I would like to conclude by saying that racial inequality can be solved. I suggest that all people of all races should get equal amount of pay and that we should desegregate more schools and give colored people a better chance at life because everyone is equal. You are one of the few people who can do something about this rising issue and maybe even stop it once and for all.


Sebastian V.

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