Jake P. Michigan

Super Bowl Monday

Super Bowl Monday should be a national day off

Dear Future President,

What is better than relaxing with your family or friends, eating all the food that you can imagine, watching the most watched game in the world? Nothing. The Super Bowl is a time where the majority of the United States gets together and has a good time. It seems almost, that this tradition stemming from the late 60’s, that die hard fans and the like, participate in an almost holiday. The game itself is exciting regardless of which teams are participating in the annual game, but many tune in to view the world famous commercials, that cost on average around 1 million dollars each to be aired. After four hours of painstaking nerves and echoing cheers, the final seconds hit in the 4th quarter and the super bowl champs are crowned. After your stomach is full, and your team has earned the coveted ring, you say your goodbyes to friends and family and quickly you fall into a depression because you have to work the following day. The days after a holiday, whether it be Christmas or Thanksgiving, the average American does not have to go into work. They get at least one day to relax and recover from the previous night's festivities. So why not treat the Super Bowl the same way?

“Jake?” The teacher yells as he is taking attendance. “Another kid isn’t here today?” he says dramatically as he is reading off the names for attendance. According to Fox.com around 10 million people take the Monday after the game off, in order to recover and relax. This staggering number doesn't even include the thousands that call into work the next day.This could total over 16.5 million people. That is really crazy if you think about it because think of one person, then think of your city, then think of the entire state of Michigan taking a day off, that is crazy. And every year the rate of people missing school or their work get bigger.

Everyone likes to have a good time with the people who you love, especially with all of the food that you can bring ranging from chips and dip to Cheese towers to subs from Jimmy Johns. Forbes.com Sites that after the superbowl is one of the most dangerous times of the year because of alcohol. A statistic from Brain Stats.com states that over 26 million beers are sold prior tot eh superbowl. This also means that the rate of accidents and the amount of people killed go up.

This affects the Companies where the people the people are employed because they will either call in sick, or slack off and not perform to their potential. The LA Times says the amount of accidents goes up twice the amount that it is normally at. Peoples cars are screwed up so that is another way of people not wanting or being able to go to work. The companies lose production for one day so they could give us this day off right? American citizens work almost three hundred forty days every year and it wouldn't hurt to give us a day off.

Though there is opposing viewpoints from both School districts and Companies. To start, School Districts don’t want this day off because they want to get their full one hundred eighty days in. But there's an argument that the kids have, most kids would much rather have this day off than a developmental day on a cold thursday in January. Companies argue that they want their workers to work the days that they pay their employees off.

There is one thing that can be done about this, give the people what they want. If benefits everyone then it is worth making it a national holiday. We can take off a dreadful monday and have an extra day, or we can exchange it for a developmental day on a chilly fall day in October.

In conclusion, Super bowl monday should be a day off to the people of the United States because it benefits everyone, it saves production of work, and is a nice day to take off because everyone does.


Jake Parillo, MIchigan

Clarkston Community Schools

ELA 10- Vickers

English Language Arts 10 A

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