Nicolas Michigan


Football players are getting concussions.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

I believe that football players hitting with their heads is a big problem because a lot of people are getting concussions. According to football player in the US suffer a concussion. Head to head collisions is very dangerous because it may cause head traumas, spinal cord injuries and even death. A solution to this problem is that football leagues including the NCAA and NFL are banning the head to head collisions.

A reason kids should stop is that some helmets don’t have protection inside of the helmets they have gel pads that come off not the built in pads. According to Nick went head to head with a big football player and got a concussion. Another solution to this is schools and football leagues should provide a vicis zero 1 helmet researchers say that it may be the only concussion proof helmet for head to head collisions.

One thing I like about the league's rules are they can’t tackle above the shoulder which I think is good because no more injuries. Football coaches are now teaching kids to not hit above the shoulders and making them hit dummies low and at waist level. The league's are making kids hit with their heads to the side of the ball carrier to not cause concussions.

In conclusion the last thing that is nice about the football leagues is they are giving out flags. At refes are giving out 15 yards penalties for head to head collisions. I think that kids should be ejected from the game if they go head to head and not penalties.