Skylar Michigan

Say no to animal abuse!

My letter talks about what to do about animal abuse, illegal dog fighting, and explaining what animal abuse is.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

I believe that animal abuse is horrible because first of all, if people keep hurting or killing animals, they will end up going extinct and then we would have no meat to eat from animals. Also, if you have realized, a dog is the man/woman's best friend and if we didn’t have pets, everybody would be miserable. In this letter I will explain why I think that animal abuse is horrible and what to do about it.

I think that animal abuse is terrible and that the next president deserves to hear about it. It would be devastating if we just were told that homeless animals were being slaughtered in empty alleyways.ASPCA says that people around the world train dogs and animals to fight each other for money which is, in my opinion, ridiculous and a waste of a perfectly good dog. Also Humanesociety talks about how animal abuse is horrible and what to do about it and I definitely recommend this website.

Now I am going to talking about Possible solutions to the problems up above. To stop dog fighting we can either arrest the people who illegally dog fight, or you can give them a strong warning NOT to do it again. Now it’s time to talk about what to do if you see a animal being abused. When you see something like a person saying bad things to a stray dog or cat and being mean to it, That’s not the main concern. The main concerns is when a stray is being abused or hurt in some sort of way. When you see something like that, then you either call the authorities, or you just let someone know. You DON’T want to get close to that person because if they decide that they want to hurt an animal, they may be in the same mood for humans.

Those are my main concerns about animal abuse and I hope that you decide to do something about dog fighting, and animal abuse.