Hannah H. Michigan

Female Wage gap

Females need there pay equal pay it is there rights and it is not fair to girls.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

We have a problem in this country and because of my gender this is important i am female that makes this a bigger problem it is the gender wage gap. When girls asked for our rights we wanted equality in payment too. But still after long years that is not a thing. What will happen if all females left their job america would have less money. Gesse what that is already happening girls are abandoning their jobs already all over america. The females make up 50% of the workers in america.

Let's say that all females left their jobs we would make less money as a country then we can’t make items as fast then we can’t trade as much. Then that would just be a disaster. Then we would have to make our state workers even harder then they might quite then you can't make enough to sell. And we can’t have that can we.

Let's say that you had enough money to fix 3 problem this wage gap should be at the top of the list this could easily be fixed in time but if not it will take up to 45 years to fix it is not fair. This problem is a priority. None of this is not okay.

The solution that we could use is paying women more and giving them equal rights. I hope that you will do something about this problem it is a very important topic to women you need to do something like give them more pay. I hope that you will do something about it your country will thank you.