charity Michigan

Too Much College Work

This letter will inform you about how much work college gymnasts have in America.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

College is very important to many people.There are just two things: it’s so expensive. Just like UCLA it is my dream to go there because of Ariana Berlin.If you know who that is. I am a gymnast at aga gymnastics and almost all of the kids want to go to UCLA. But we all live in Michigan and the cost for UCLA is 12,000 when you live in California .But if you live somewhere else the complete cost is 33,000 plus an extra thousand if you live in a dorm at UCLA. Now if you have been an all around gymnast for a long time like Simone Billes you already can get in for free because you got a scholarship. Gymnasts really have to work hard. Yes we know that all the other sports have to work hard but when you do gymnastics they will work you hard. I would know; I’m a level 4 gymnast. Even though I am not a competitive gymnasts yet, it is still hard. The coach will treat you like you are in competitions.I believe that UCLA athletes should have more time to do what they came to college for.

The gymnasts have so much to do all the time. My cousin went to UCLA and she did basketball it did not surprise me.But she said when she was watching the gymnasts for a week they had there school to do their homework keeping there dorm clean keeping there grades up and gymnastics evey day.It was crazy.But if you love gymnastics as much as I do and the girls at aga you get used to it.When I go to college it would be amasing to go to UCLA.

I do think that ucla gymnastics and any sport is wey to much to pay and ofre your time and betication.College students have way to much time for scvhool not for the sport that they play.its juxt not the way that they play it how littel time they have to prctice.

Its not fair to the players.They have all the work to do in such a little time.Plus all there practices that they have.And some pepole say that if its to much work to handle then dont bo the sport.But evey person said that is why they went to colledge in the firtst place so they can become a perfesonel soccer player or an all around gymnast.

According the website ucla home page all of the gymnasts work harder than most sport around because it's one of the toughest sports in the world.simone biles is at ucla as i speak and it would be a dream come true if i could have the same opportunity. But i would have sop much to do because i also want to be a movie star.So in this case if i were you mr. or mrs. prezident i would give college student more time for their sports if that's what they came to do in the first pacec.

But on the other hand some people say that if you stay in a dorm at college you must go to school that is true but if they don't have time for the school portion of college i would think that you the next president would fix that for those types of students.We as kids that do these kinds of sports till we're dead we would go to college for it mostly.But if college is too expensive than how will we make our dreams come true.Our dreams won't come true from the tv or from the back yard.Your dream comes true when some v.i.p comes in and sees it. But if you dont live in that area, they need college.Unless thay live where all of the v.i.p’s live.So Mr. or Mrs. president plese make college what the students came there for i would hope you would do that for all of us ucla want to bes.