Emma Barshaw Michigan

Replace Grades

Grades should be replaced with Education percentages.

Dear Future President,

I've noticed that kids are becoming stressed and are procrastinating more about homework and grades. Kids should no longer have grades. Grades should be replaced by educational skills.Just giving students a few tests/quizzes and some homework doesn't do much to foster learning. They need more "hands on" learning and a new grading system.

What this is about is: letter grades will be replaced by a percentage. Elementary will learn the basics. Middle School will be a little different but every student will start with  a 0% “grade." The only way to graduate Middle School is to have a 50%. Your teachers will considered successful only if you learn the work. There would be no homework. High School will be different. You start with a 0% and you must finish with a 100%. The only homework would be projects. Teachers would  test you on your skills and your knowledge on the subject.

A bad grade in a class can cause stress and pressure. I was once told that school is not meant for stress, but most of the students in my school are stressing about their grades. By having teachers help their students and “grade” them by how they learn and their work ethic would be a better. This way, their improvement will show through a percent rather than a letter. Their “grade” could no longer go down, it can only go up.

Handing out a text book and saying “your test is on chapter 9, study” is not effective.  Actually working with the students and doing something fun is going to be more effective. Interacting with the students will show greater growth. The students must know no question is stupid, even if the teacher thinks it is.

Grades should be replaced with a rising percentage.  Many students would view this as a great chance to make a better “grade” in school and no longer have to worry about their grade dropping.


Emma Barshaw