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Year Round School

Year round school is a very debated topic with many pros and cons and arguments to if it is beneficial or not.

Year Round School

By Jacob Martin

How would you feel if you had school the whole year? No more summer breaks or summer vacations. Year round school is one of the most controversial topics that can't come to an agreement. There's pros and cons for each part of it. Both sides can be supported with evidence and facts. In a poll taken at a school, 90% students and faculty said no to year round versus a minor 10% who say yes. Year round school is a very important topic. Year round school had advantages and disadvantages. Year round school should not become mandatory.

There are many cons of year round school such as those who affect students personal lives. During the summer many of us have sports that take a good portion of it. With year round school you would not have that time off to do extra curricular activities. If normal during the summer you had a sport during the day, if year round school came in you would be left with the choice of school or extracurricular activities. Year round school interferes in many ways with outside activities.

Another con of year round school is scheduling. Instead of parents finding childcare for a straight period of time, they have to do it in many intervals. It creates more of a problem. If they have a student in high school and one in elementary, the break times could differ creating a problem of child care. Having different short intervals of time potentially increases a problem in families with taking care of their kids.

Next is on summer vacation. Parents believe that summer camps and such benefit students in life lessons. They are stripped of those opportunities I'd year round school comes into place. Families often take vacations during the summer that could be for an extensive time. If they only have a short time they could be affected by loss of vacation time.

Every family is different and so is every school program. Each problem has to be examined before making year round school mandatory for students. With a compromise for every problem then it would be appropriate. There are many proven benefits of it but just as many disadvantages of year round school. Everything should be taken into consideration before such a big topic.






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