Josh L. Michigan

Racism Today

My article is about today's racism concerns and statistics. It shows people thoughts on who receives more unfair treatment and who receives it more than others.

Look at the past year, notice anything you found racist? How about the past month? Past week? How about yesterday or today? You might say no to all of these but many people of all races can say they’ve experienced racism in the past month if not week. It’s true that as a nation we have become substantially less racist than we were in the 1800-1900’s. Many people today are experiencing racism and it’s starting to meet the public’s eyes more often.

Racism will always be a problem to society. We might not always have racism but society today is still judging people by their race. 8% of blacks say our country has made changes to dissipate racism while 38% of whites say the country has. A staggering statistic is that 43% of blacks say the country will not make the changes necessary for equality but 11% of whites says the country won’t make the changes ( Many people will say the government is pushing this issue under the rug and some will say it’s not even a problem but most will say it’s a problem that needs solving immediately.

50% of whites say that blacks get unfair treatment with police while 84% of blacks say they receive unfair treatment. This isn’t a convenient store clerk or cashier, this is the police. The people that serve to protect you, and they’re mistreating people because of their race. The race relations might play a part but that is yet another thing that people can’t entirely agree on but is somewhat close. 45% of whites say that race relations are generally bad but 61% of blacks and 58% of Hispanics say that relations are generally bad as well.

 Racism is an ongoing problem in society and needs to be addressed. The civil Rights Movement was a start for our society but it can not be the end. We must continue to move forward. We need to stop this before it rises even more. 

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