Mason Young Michigan

Physical Fitness in America

America is as physical fit as other countries so I believe that gym class should be required in schools.

Physical Fitness in America

America students are not as physically fit as other countries students.

Today, America and Mexico have been going back and forth as to which nation has the dubious title of  "most obese nation in the world." To get America out of this unwelcome competition I propose that physical education class should be required in all schools, K-12,  across America. Education on dietary habits, strength and cardio training, and nutrition are the key to our next generation becoming more fit and productive. 

Numerous studies over the last decade have all shown the level of performance in the workplace increases with the fitness level of the employees. Many employers now offer gym memberships as a way to keep health care costs down for their companies. Shouldn't this reasoning be used in schools?Students who have a balanced breakfast achieve at a much higher level than those who skip breakfast or eat a nutritionally poor one. Likewise it makes sense that the more physically fit the student the better the achievement in the classroom would be.

If America is going to continue to be a world leader it must break this cycle of obesity.