Hannah M. Michigan

Who Wants Cheaper College?

Colleges prices have been raising throughout the years, and causing a lot of stress because of the debt.

Dear future president,

My name is Hannah Mercer and I attend Swan Valley High School in Michigan. I am  a ninth grader. I'm taking this time to write to you because the price of college has been increasing as the years go on. And it's causing a lot of people stress and a lot of debt. The debt is where the stress comes from. The amount of money that is ended up being taken out for student loans is an outrageous amount. People don't have the money to repay these loans upon graduation. They barely are able to pay their bills let alone be able to pay off a six figure college loan.  

 If students don't have the money to go to college then how are they going to compete in a global economy. This is a question  that rich people rarely think about because they don't have to worry about it, but most people do have to worry about getting money for college. Their parents raise them and pay for everything as they grow up. Middle class parents shouldn't have to pay for the huge cost of college which comes next. The average cost of college right now is about $23,893 and even more for out of state students or private colleges.

 I am no saying  that we should not make the colleges free, but cheaper. We could lower each college's cost down by a certain percentage. Because we know that the bigger colleges have a reason why they have the higher prices. If we lowered all colleges to a certain price there would be an overload at the Big 10 schools, so instead, dropping the prices by a certain percentage the Big 10 schools will still be more than the littler colleges.  People may ask where is the money coming from to pay for the colleges expenses since they're getting cheaper, and don't worry I've thought of that too. The answer to that is, with us dropping the prices of college, there will be more people attending college since it's cheaper, so that's where the rest of the money will come from.


Hannah Mercer

Swan Valley School District

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American History

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