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Love Isn't A Privelage

Love is Love I hope our next president won't ruin that...

Dear Mr/Mrs. President,

 My name is George Weadock, and I am a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community.  Recently I have learned that a certain candidate may get rid of gay marriage. So if that certain candidate is reading my letter by some crazy chance please don't get rid of gay marriage. It's something that the LGBT community has fought for years!  It would ruin so many people's lives because some teens out there will then know they will never know the feeling of marriage and love. 

Some negatives to "outlawing" gay marriage is that there would be riots, protests, and possible killing involved if this were to happen. Another negative would be you would lose many followers. The LGBT community and many straights vote.  Also gay marriage was a huge milestone in the U.S. where everyone could feel like they belonged! So again you can't take this away from them! Also as president it would be unconstitutional to  repeal gay marriage.Here's a checklist of how people would be affected.

  • LGBT community members would feel even more like outcasts, even more than they already do.
  • They would feel neglected and disrespected by their own president.
  • This would be a major set back for their community. They need all of the support they can get because many members of the community are still coping with the Orlando shootings.

Americans support gay marriage. Please consider this before proposing legislation on this issue.


George Weadock

Swan Valley School District

1st hour Monahan

American History

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