Jacob G. Michigan

Agriculture Problems

The extreme problems with our food raising system.

Letters to The Present

Factory Farming should be Banned!


Dear Mr/Mrs. President,

I would like to talk to you about how royally messed up our farming and agriculture system is. Specifically the breeding and raising of cows. Right now the system is extremely messed up and it needs to be fixed. The raising of cows and pigs in small tight spaces is causing many  environmental and  health problems, as well as being extremely inhumane to the animals.

The problems with the actual farming is that farms can create health problems because the animals are overcrowded and that's stressful to animals, making it easy for disease to spread. They stand in manure all day, making it so easy for bacteria to spread like at a McDonald's play-land. Also factory workers regular give antibiotics to animals, even if they're not sick. These chemicals stay in the meat and after humans consume them, antibiotics we now take are less effective as a result. Not to mention that scientists have linked factory farming to cancer.

Secondly we need to address how bad for the environment it is. The animals on factory farms produce tremendous amounts of manure. The livestock on the largest factory farm produced 369 million tons of manure, almost 13 times more manure than the 312 million people in the United States put together. This 13.8 billion cubic feet of manure is enough to fill the Dallas Cowboys stadium 133 times. Where does all this poop go? Well it either sits under the animals for the rest of their lives, or is carried off to oceans rivers and various bodies of water where bacteria spreads, causing fish and wildlife to die. But the poop can be used. It's a great fertilizer.  Better methods of recycling animal waste must become a priority for the agricultural industry

Lastly, Most animals do not see the light of day, cannot walk around and are in cages only slightly bigger than themselves. They stand in filth all day and get sick very easily. It's just terrible how these animals are treated and how they live. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The picture at the bottom of the page is an excellent example of animal cruelty.

However there is a solution and it is very simple and very easy. Just go back to the way nature intended farming to be. Go back to natural production methods, when food tasted better.  When pe cancer and other sickness rates were lower. Ban this awful terrible inhuman type of animal raising. Its simple, ban factory farming, even though big bad businesses might whine and cry like babies, tell them to get over it!

It conclusion, factory farming is a huge problem. It's a problem for the environment, for the well being of millions of people as well as animals. The simple thing to do is ban it. Its inhumane and just plain God awful.


Jacob Gardey