Marrissa S. Michigan


Some Americans would say that immigration is a real problem in America and is becoming a major controversial issue. Others would say there is no problem at all with immigration, which I agree with. Looking at ways immigration is bad is not nearly as close to how many reasons immigration is good for America.

   Immigration can help boost Americas economy. People believe that immigration can hurt the economy more then help it. When actually immigration helps improve businesses, income, and products. About 30% of immigrants in America actually start their own businesses. With these immigrant owned businesses it then opens up more job opportunities for Americans. Most of our immigrants work in computer science, physical science, and 33% of them are engineers. 

   Not only can immigration help create more jobs for Americans threw immigrant-owned businesses but they can also expand businesses from immigrants that also need to purchase their products. This then opens up new job opportunities when more of these small businesses start to grow larger and need more employees. Actually 25% of immigrants have started public companies in the United States, which also leaves more job opportunities for Americans. 

   In addition to immigration being good for our economy it also can bring us new ideas. Immigrants come with their own language and ideas which can be new to America and end up helping us with things such as scientific break threws, or new inventions. It would not be good for America to cut ourselves off from the rest of the world, it could actually be dangerous. Without immigrants we may not have the new inventions or cultural knowledge we have today. 

   Even though immigration already betters our economy and opens up America to new ideas, it also helps with how the world views America. With this it makes America more open to other areas around the world. Only 30% of Americans own an actual passport, with immigration it can also help us interact with people from different cultures. Immigration in many ways can help improve America.