Kay Michigan

Animal Testing

This letter showcases the reason why animal testing needs to be stopped.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

Animal testing is a big part of scientific research to make sure that a medical treatments won’t hurt the people who use it. But, we are really harming the animals that are being tested on. According to PETA, Several primates, cats, dogs, mice and other animals are being locked in cages. They suffer from loneliness and they never get to see or play with the other animals. I believe that animal testing needs to be stopped.

Cruelty Free International says that animals are forced to be feed harmful medicines. In addition, animals are put in scary situations thus, having depression and anxiety. In addition, animals are put in the situation of breathing in toxic gases. This can really harm and damage the animal’s lungs and other important parts of its body.

Also, according to NEAVS, animals are blinded too. The animals go blind because it’s a side effect of the medical treatment they are being tested on. The treatments can also cause brain damage to the animals. Sometimes, they are not even fed because they are taking medication later to see if it harms them. The poor animal doesn’t even know what in the world is going on.

HSI says that animals also get hurt purposely to see if a medicine will heal the wound. Some animals are even forced to swim or are shocked by electricity! But, there are several possible solutions that will not harm the animals. Plus, it doesn’t mean that we have to just put products that are not tested on the sale market.

NEAVS says some solutions to this problem are using computerized patients. This will not harm or damage anyone or any animal. The testing will still go correctly, if you put the effort and time into it just like any other important research. In addition, you can put the the sign on your product that says, “Not tested on animals,” which will make people want to buy it. They will buy it because then they know that in the process of making that product, you did not harm any animals. Please consider these problems and solutions. Thank you so much for your consideration!