Nicolette Michigan


I believe that not all refugees are terrorists.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

America was founded by people from all over the world, ,then we became our own country and for a long time we were known for being the place where people can be free and we accepted almost every immigrant and why now can't we let in refugees who need help from us just for a place to live. Only 0.00038% of refugees are thought to be terrorists found by bustle news and for that, is many reasons why I believe that not all refugees are terrorists. 

I’m not from Syria and I don't know what they are really going through but I do know that 2.5 million refugees are under the age of 18 out of 22.85 million refugees said Mercy Colps Organization and CNN'S Organization There are many refugees but half are children so if hey need help we should do fundraisers at schools or communities for the children to come here and be safe from ISIS or any other threats. Imagine if these children dying from bomb and because they weren't aloud over here because they were treated like terrorist. How would you feel?

Did you know that most kids from Syria had to leave school because their family has been treated like they are terrorist said World Division Organization.  I think to solve this problem send volunteers to Syria to give kids an education that they need for their future and if you don't believe me watch the video most shocking second a day video, and tell them what happens in the video let it tell you. Mr. or Mrs. President don't you care that some children are not getting enough education I know I do.

There has only been 3 refugees I don’t think that is right that have been spotted as a threat so to help that when the come here we can do background checks to make sure that it's not the 3 refugees. In conclusion not all refugees are terrorist. I know this is very long letter but I  wanted you to hear it all, any way thanks for listening and hope you will consider my letter. Thank you.