Benji Kramer Michigan

Gun Control And Laws

We need more gun laws and more control over people that have them.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next Mr. President,

I am writing to you to talk about gun control. I don’t want to go to Detroit to watch the Tigers and have to worry about getting shot or mugged. I could just enjoy the game. It’s not just in Michigan, it is everywhere and I’m scared to go to the mall. I couldn’t bring my friend to a high school game in north Flint because his mom was scared. The thing is, you need to make it so we don't have to worry anymore. I believe only certain people should be able to bear an arm or gun.

In order to be able to bear an arm or gun you must have a clean criminal record, graduate college with at least associate degree or bachelor's degree and be at least 24 years old. I think this is a fair deal. If you disagree then that’s fine but I think this is fair.

First we need to collect all the guns in the country. We send a group of people going from City to City, door-to-door, state-to-state, looking for guns. then we take them and store them in a giant steel box. We keep that giant box in Washington DC. If anybody wants their gun back they have to buy another one and go to Secretary of State and see if they're eligible to buy a gun. We also need to make some guns illegal. Like assault rifle or any automatic guns. Hunting guns and normal pistols are basically all the guns that should be legal.

If you get to reading this I hope you will try to do something because gun control is a growing problem that needs to be stopped. Good luck in office and PLEASE write back, I would be very happy if you could. Thanks.