Katie J. Michigan

Women's Rights

My topic is Women's Rights. I will be discussing things like Education and Salary.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

Women’s Rights are talked about quite often but most of the time the problems aren’t listed. In this letter I will be listing them, I will be talking about things like education and money. I believe women’s rights will soon be equal to male.

Men shouldn’t have more rights than Women, females can work just as hard as men. Woman earn an average of 77 cents for one dollar a man makes according to huffingtonpost. but they’re doing the same job? How is this fair? These are questions people should be asking themselves.

Education is a very serious problem that will hopefully be discussed about during your presidential years. One of the problems that I listed was dress codes. This can affect the education of young girls all around America. They have to follow the dress code while still being comfortable and have the right materials on for the weather. I believe that dress codes should be narrowed down for a lot of schools.

I personally agree with my schools dress codes but I do know a lot of schools that have unfair dress codes. The rules should be as simple as no spaghetti straps, no stomach showing, and reasonable size shorts. I also believe the kids should be able to dye their hair any color. Salary of men and woman should be the same when they’re doing the same job. When being paid I believe that the salary should be based on the hours you work and the job you do and not the gender that you are. Thank you for taking your time to read this letter hopefully this problem can be solved.