Colin Michigan


My summary is about how Racism was formed and what happened during racism.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

When racism was happening, Martin Luther king jr. had a sight in the future that if it was peaceful and not a cruel world I would be a better place. Martin was writing a complaint letter to the people to show how much he cares about everyone and he doesn't care what skin color they are. Also, Rosa Parks she tried to stand up to white people and she wanted to be treated the way white people were treated. Rosa Parks went to jail because she wouldn't move on the bus and black people had to sit in the back. I believe that racism should end because it is very cruel.

For example, black people were being attacked by police because they think that they pull out a gun on them. There has been more than 198 black people killed this year. More and more things are happening between the black and white people. Black people are still not treated the same way as white people are.Who ever is the new president they need to help make america great again and have the black people don't be violence and don't have cops pull the trigger. For example Keith Scott was murdered by a white cop because of protest in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The black people want to provide for their family but some open jobs won't allow them to work there. Also, if they do make it into a job they don't get as much money as the rest of the workers.

Then, Black people lose their belongings and then they become homeless and white people care about them more then everyone around them. For example, Latina was a women and looking for a job and she got denied multiple times.

I think the best solution could be not to judge someone by their skin color. Also, what would be another solution is to have white cops not kill black people. Then, I think the next president should give black people or any skin color people a job if they need a job for their family. Also, I think little kids should go to school to learn about racism and when they grow up they know what it is and if they don't they will have no idea what racism is and how to stop it for them. What the next president can do is have teachers teach tolerance on racism.

So, the future president, would you kindly stop racism and what it has done to some countries. Also, have the police stop shooting black people and should give little kids education in schools. Then, give any skin color people jobs if they want to get in the job. I hope the next president will do these things for the black people.



Lake Fenton Middle School

6th Grade Language Arts

LFMS Group

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