Jeremiah P. New York

Racial Injustice/Police Brutality

Racial Injustice is a negative, and unfair thing which can break America if not resolved. If this continues this country will go against everything it stands for.

Racial Injustice Poem

Excessive force

Unnecessary violence

Police misconduct

A corrupted system

Like a bully,

But all the more destructive





Victims of this ruthlessness

Why are you denying me my rights?

My color,

Your ignorance

Sandra Bland,

Christopher Kimble,

Bettie Jones,

Keith Childress,

Tiara Thomas

These are only

Less than 5% of unarmed people

On the immense list of

Police violence

No officers were charged

For any of these cases

Funny how

This system works

Excelsior Academy

Second Year Students

Tenth graders at Excelsior Academy-A NYS P-Tech school

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