Peyton Nevada

A Time for Change

A letter to the next President asking for equality, respect and hope for the future.

Dear Future President,

   As the new leader of our country, I would like to say congratulations. I would also like to suggest a few things I hope you can address as our President.

   For one, I hope that you respect me. I hope you respect my right to my own body and allow me to choose what I get to do with it. I hope you respect all women, and never let them be treated inferior to men. I hope you think of equality as something that applies to everyone, regardless of sex, race, gender, religion, sexuality, or anything else. The inequality in this country is what divides us, so please try to stop it. No more innocent people getting killed over the color of their skin. No more unequal pay. No more injustice.

    As our President, I hope you also take care of our planet. Earth is not just ours, it is every animals and every plants. I hope you focus on this idea and push for the conserving of our planet before it is too late. We as a country must unite to save Earth. We as a planet must unite to prevent the extinction of glorious animals such as the elephant or the polar bear. Climate change is rapidly changing and destroying our world and I hope that as President, you will help save it so we can leave Earth better than when we entered it.

     We are the ones that need to bring forth change. A change that will allow us to begin to accept one another and work together for the future. This will be done with the importance of equality and respect for one another. This is a plea for your help to get us to this. Everyone on this planet can agree that the world would be a much better place if we could begin to appreciate each other and our differences. We can't continue to wait around for someone to bring this change, we have to do it ourselves with your help. The time is now.

    My final hope is that you will help this country learn and trump ignorance. I hope you can help us heal. I hope you can help us learn to accept love one another, because there is so much hate in this country. I hope you can push every person in America to be better and to do better.

Thank you for your time.