Zechariah B. New York

Increase of Minimum Wage

The current minimum wage is not suitable for the economy.

Increase of Minimum Wage  

The current minimum wage is not suitable for the economy, this is something I am hoping to change.

Dear future president,

I am a 16 year old working at Mcdonalds at a pay of 9.75 an hour.

My concern with you today is considering to raise the minimum wage to 15$ before the set date.

As you may not know even though many children my age work a minimum wage job under the roof of their parents, that does not mean he or she has no responsibilities.From my perspective ever since I started to earn an income my family has fell back on expenses for me with the things I need.If I want something I have to pay for it or put most of the money down for it.This is some what unfair if you think about it because I only make about 140 or a bit more in my check and now a days pricing is high.Imagine being a teenager living on their own with the salary of minimum wage. Honestly living shouldn’t even be the word because it wouldn't be possible not with rent and other responsibilities cost.

Most people who work in minimum wage jobs tend to be a lot older than teenagers. And most of them work in a minimum wage position most of theirs lives because that's all they could work. Those people are taking away some oppertunities of tennagers that can apply and need the job. Plus I thought fast food restaurants were for high school and college students that are getting ready for college and need money to pay for loans, a car, gas, textbooks, and need money to pay for an apartment or dorm. Not all teenagers have parents that have good jobs and some teenagers would like to help their parents by working and making a little extra money. How could you not raise the minimum wage when you have adults who spend most of their lives working it? Even though they might have put themselves in a position where that's where they will only be accepted. Raising things like milk, gas, rent and other things and not raising the minimum wage to a reasonable payment per hour where people can provide for their families and pay and take care of responsibility is not helping the economy.

As a young teenager, to the president of the united states I feel like you could play a big role in minimum wage debates. You have a lot of persuasive demeanor in those debates. What you say could potentially help minimum wage or negatively affect it. There are a lot of things you have to consider while you think about this subject.One advantge is that more people will be able to get off the street. More and more are going homeless or on unemployment income we need to fix it and you are the only one that can help.

In conclusion through our experience with the topic minimum wage, We all feel that the minimum wage around the world should be increased because if you look through the data you can see that nobody can live off minimum wage without having other jobs. But you will be struggling to make ends meet. So if there a issue that you can help to fix or change, I hope that you would choose this topic thanks you.  

Excelsior Academy

Second Year Students

Tenth graders at Excelsior Academy-A NYS P-Tech school

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