Alexis Camacho and Regina Spafford New York

Religious Rights Arguement

Religious companies should have the right to deny same sex couples' rights if it goes against their first amendment right.

Dear Future President,

Two hundred and twenty three years ago, The Bill Of Rights was added to the Constitution. Is the Bill Of Rights still in place in 2016? The first amendment gives us freedom of religion . Churches and other religious companies and businesses are being denied their freedom of religion when they’re being sued or having consequences for their beliefs. Religious companies should be able to deny same sex couples services or goods.

Elane Photography refused to provide services for a same sex couple’s commitment ceremony because it violated their Christian beliefs. The couple, Vanessa Willock and her partner made this a supreme court case. The Human Rights Commissions found Elane’s photography guilty. According to the article “Elane Photography, LLC V. Vanessa Willock” , “The State of Humans Rights Commissions found that the company was guilty of discrimination based on sexual orientation, in violation of the state's public accommodation law. The decision was upheld by the New Mexico court of appeals in June of 2016.” Elane’s Photography lost the Supreme Court case, denying them of their first amendment right. Freedom of religion in America is being limited more and more. In Buddhism, everyone is supposed to remain abstinent but homosexuality is not approved. Buddhism feels that it is unnatural for two men or two women to get together. This is how churches and other religious companies are being denied their first amendment rights. Churches or other religious companies should be able to deny services and not have penalties or consequences for denying same sex couples goods or services when it violates their first amendment rights.

-Alexis Camacho

-Regina Spafford

Denied Rights Poem

Same Sex couples.

Denied our rights.

That’s just not right.

In the night We will fight for our own rights.

Out Of Sight we still fight.

Denied our first amendment.

Now I'm a defendant.

They said You never meant it.

But now I'm Dented.

My Religion my decision

I am driven to the limit

And took my ticket and flew away in minutes

My spirit is lifted and now it’s vivid.

-Regina Spafford

         -Alexis Camacho

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