Estuardo M. California

Police Officer Abuse in the United States

This letter is about how the police abuse different people.

  Dear future President of the United States.

One day I came to United States as an immigrant. My future in this in this country because I want to have success in my life. My name is Estuardo. I was born in Guatemala and in this country I am an immigrant student. My family is proud of me I am a good student, and a good person , who always enjoy learning. Today I write to you because I want to talk about the police brutality , and how they abuse Latinos, whites ,and people of color. For example in a certain year Latinos were assassinated by police officers and media ignored it.

To begin, in one article given in the class, discusses how police brutality cost 6 Latino´s lives. While whites and people of color are victims of police brutality, the scene and how it happened is transmitted by media and people´s concern is demonstrated,however is when Latinos die nobody says a word. Nobody transmit it on media. The article ( 6 Latinos Killed by Us Cops This week-and Media ignored it) states that, ¨ while internationals media floods to cover the killing of white people and cops, the deaths of Latinos often go unnoticed,¨. This means that Latinos lives seems careless for police departments . Even worse , Police officers are killing our society.

In addition the government does not focus on Latinos, as their lives are seems being not countable, and because of it more Latinos become victims of police brutality and the government does not do anything about it. ¨ Fermin Vincent , Vinson Ramos, Melissa Ventura,Anthony Nunes Pedro Villanueva, and Raul Saavedra vargas were shot and killed by cops since Sunday,¨ Therefore, ¨The media never focus on Latinos¨ the article stated. This means that government does not care about it , because they do not show how and why Latinos are being abused. Government is supposed to notice everything that is happening the sad truth is that they do not really care, son they do not pass it on media.

We have to take a look what police officers what they are doing who are supposed to take care of us, and that they are not doing it , but they are killing our society, and the number of deaths keeps going up, it does not matter if those who die are blacks, whites, or latinos, what matters is their lives , not their race. ¨ For example 1,502 people have been shot and killed by on- duty police officers since Jan. 1, 2015,¨ Therefore we have to be really careful in choosing who we want to take care of our lives.

Police brutality is a big deal that needs to be attended right away otherwise, we will end becoming a new society where human´s life will not longer respected.Our values will get lost. Now Our new president has to have an eye on those who are not doing their jobs as it is required to, and us as a society have to choose wisely who do we want to take the roads of our country and the success for us as a nation.