Sammy Virginia

Heroin awareness

There are numerous of teens that are addicted to heroin. It is taking over our country. Hurting the people in use and their families. We need help to save our future society.

 Dear president,

One of the biggest issues we have in our country is people addicted to and dying from heroin. This is a problem we need fixed now. Mr. President, we need to enforce stricter laws and have more protection from the drug. Have more awareness and have more people cracking down on others to stop the use of this drug for good.Especially when it our nation's youth that's being greatly affected.

Andrew Sullivan from ABC is interviewing Ashley and Dylan about their heroin addiction. This drug is taking more and more lives each day. Andrew sullivan interviewed Ashley's mother, she recalled that she was told to just kick her daughter out. Most of the comments from the ones being interviewed is comments about teens. So you would think teens would be the ones most turned away. Wrong. Can you imagine being told to kick you child out of your home

There has been many death rates increased by the use of heroin. The percentage of overdosing on heroin has increased 50% over the past decade, according to National institute on drug abuse. This shows instead of the issue fading away it just got worse. Andrew Sullivan wrote Addicted to heroin, i'm literally just rotting to show how real people, teens, just like us are affected by heroin. He’s hoping the readers will learn on how dangerous the drug is. Also how badly it affects you and your loved ones.To encourage you not to use it and prevent others from the use. He uses upsetting statistics such as, “ last year fewer than 1/10 were able to get help .” We need people to take action and to help others to motivate them not to use heroin.

The interview is mostly negative because of how serious and dangerous the drug is. ” Heroin is a drug that has haunted our country for generations.” said by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.If it's been an issue in our country for so long why hasn't it been fixed? Includes facts about how plenty of teens have died from this drug for an informative and eye-opening tone. “ Since 2007, the number of heroin users in the U.S has nearly doubled and half of all first time users are younger than 20 years old.” So you would think from this that it would encourage teens not to even think about the drug , but they use it anyways.

These two interviews are from teens. TEENS!! Mr. President we need to fix this issue before our youth as a whole is destroyed. As our nation's leader I expect you to fix this issue. Please Take More action on youth doing drugs and enforce more awareness and laws on the drug. Heroin possession is illegal in all states according to criminal defense lawyer. So there should be no sign of this drug anyways. Possibly raise the charges for heroin possession and have more harsh punishment. Jail time is already an option for being caught with the possession so therefore maybe increase time in jail.

Mr. President I have a close friend that went through the loss of a loved one from overdosing on heroin. It was a great impact on her and her family. He was very young and it not only affects that person but everyone that cares for them and loves them. Also the community feels great sorrow from a loss of someone. Our community has gone through many loss of youth from overdosing on heroin. What's worse is nothing major is being done to stop it. More people are going to start taking the drug and more people are going to die sadly. Please Mr. President fix this before it gets to no point of return.


 Sammy M.


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