Nick Virginia

Gun Control

Hello Future President of The United States my name is Nick. I would like to know what you will be doing with gun control while you are our President. I think weapons should be allowed in the U.S but it should be harder for people to obtain a weapon.

ProCon stated that the United States has 88.8 guns per every 100 people.This shows that the almost every one in the U.S has a weapon and if you took them away then their may be a higher crime rate because people will smuggle weapons from other countries.The crime rate will go up from this since criminals will know that every house in a typical neighborhood in the U.S have no weapons to defend themselves within their homes. These criminals would be breaking into houses committing crimes and to owners of the houses would be defenseless. You can fix this problem by allowing people to have weapons so that they can defend themselves but make them go through a process that will show that someone is capable of owning a weapon in their home. It will allow people who are able to own guns to protect their families from any dangers that pose them.It would also allow people who will use weapons for illegal activities harder for them to buy a weapon.I would like to thank you Mr or Mrs President of the United States for reading my letter about gun control.