Kaleb Virginia

Higher Taxes on the Wealthy

About raising taxes on the wealthy

Dear Madam President,

       Congratulations on your recent victory over Donald J. Trump and I look forward to the bright future America has under your leadership. You have shown us all what maturity and temperance really is an I applaud you on your endurance.I am writing you about raising taxes on the wealthy. During the recent election season, questions on the amount of taxes paid by the wealthy have surfaced.There is strong evidence that the rich have not been taxed as heavily as the lower classes across the board and I would like to know how you will remedy this issue. 

      In conjunction with the evidence I presented above, statistics shows that over half of the growth in our nation’s GDP has gone to the top one percent of American families (Schrieber and Cohen). Also the middle class is up to it's neck in taxes while the rich prosper. Therefore, taxes must be raised on the rich, in order to ease the load on the middle and lower classes and to provide economic justice for the rest of America. The wealthy in America have steadily decreased the amount of taxes they pay, using loopholes unavailable to the average American. This can be well illustrated by the fact that twenty years ago, the rich paid about twenty seven percent of their total income to the government in taxes (Schrieber and Cohen).

       By 2012, that percentage has fallen lower than seventeen percent, (Scrieber and Cohen) on just income tax. I hope that you will work to rectify this problem and force the rich to be accountable. During your campaign, you have advocated for higher taxes but I believe you should specifically target the rich, as they control most of the United States's wealth.



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