Emma D. Virginia

The Cost of Higher Education

Learning without debt

Dear future president,

One of the problems in our country is the cost of education. People all over America don’t get to go to college and have a good education because their families don't have enough money. This is a problem because if your parents are poor and they don’t have enough money to send you to college, there should be another option. There should be colleges all over America where you can go and not have to pay. If this happened, they could get good jobs, make money, and support their families.

I did some research and found out about a college in Georgia. They used to have a program called the Hope program, where if you are a resident of the state and have a “B” average grade, they would pay for four years of college tuition. But in March of 2011 the governor made some changes because of financial problems, and now you have to have an average of an “A”, and pay for your textbooks, notebooks etc. When the program began the money was covered by Georgia’s state lottery.

This program was used in other states and countries too. I read something that one of the countries in Europe actually pays students to go to college! But that's not what I’m focused on. We should have at least one college in each state that students can go to if they have good grades, and can’t pay normal college tuition. It would help everyone who is in a poor family get good education, and then get a good job and then help and support their family. People have the right to turn their life around for the better.

Best regards,

Emma D.