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Help with college stresses

College costs stress out families and put them in a tough financial situation.

Dear President,

As this election draws to a close there is one issue I would like you to address. The costs of college in our nation is rising and the average family's ability to pay it is decreasing. This is a personal problem for me, a personal problem for many people in or nation, and a problem for you. How do you look if most of your nation is in debt to student loans and other financial assistance programs they owe. What does it say about America if most of our nation owes money.

The costs of colleges develop from a few causes. The spending of the college has been increasing every year without equal cause. (Shown by California State University studies)This then leads to every student being charged more for good cause other than the colleges knowing they will pay it. The college budgets are also being cut by the government. College spendings and government budget cuts do not give students ad help with paying for tuition. One idea to solve this problem is the concept of free college. You know as well as I do that this will not work. A university is an institution, a business, and they cost money to operate. The government will be responsible for providing this funding if free college would be successful. However, The Washington Examiner points out that government budgets would not be able to fit this massive addition and would dramatically damage our economy as a nation. The other way for this to be successful is of the taxpayers to pay for everyone's education. Everyone would have to pay, not just students or graduates. None of these options would work, the public also needs to be simply informed on these aspects. Explanations and better education on the subject would greatly improve the stance and ability to work with this issue.

One major issue with the cost of college is preparation and awareness. Statistics show that two out of every five families have a plan for paying for college. Data from NerdWallet shows that these families borrow two thirds less in student loans.The other families struggle to pay off the debts and and owe the banks for many years after they graduate. These families usually pass their debts on to their graduates. These graduates start off life in massive debt that they struggle to pay off and stress about it for many years. My sister is in pharmacy school and she has been stressing out about how she is going to pay off her student loans for a while. After a lot of work we finally got her to relax and focus on her schoolwork. This problem is happening throughout our nation and needs to be addressed.

These aspects make the cost of college a problem because it increases the costs and causes families to struggle financially. If I have stated inaccurate information previously, it strengthens my point; the nation must be better educated on the problem at hand. We must make this information easier to understand and access, because student debt will continue to grow. As student debt continues to grow debts and stresses will dramatically increase. I ask you President, make this information more available and help with the costs of college.

Sincerely, Concerned Student

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