Hannah W. Missouri

A Need for Environmental Protection

This letter addresses the need for environmental protection.

Dear Future President,

We live on a planet that has only 57 million square miles, and although it may seem like a large number, it is our duty to protect each one of those square miles, because that number isn’t changing. Each square mile serves a purpose, and we cannot have a selfish view of the world. We must recognize the potential that each of us has to make a difference on this planet. It is our home and we must treat it with respect and care. It is because of my love for nature, and the wildlife that this world contains that I write to you to emphasize the need for environmental protection.

Our nation is growing, and at an alarming rate. Currently, there are 325 million people in the US, and each can be influenced by the future decisions you will make regarding our environments (Worldometers). With increasing success comes increasing consumerism. Our current economic climate promotes excessive packaging and dangerous chemicals. Our water systems are being contaminated with harmful chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, oil, and refinery products (Why Do We Have to Protect the Environment?). We need a president that is going to show concern for our environments and address the current issues. Our leader cannot hide from the issues and pretend that they aren’t there, and hold a narrow view of our world. The choices that you make in your four years will affect our future generations. It is your duty to step up and make the nation aware that this planet is not our own, that we share it with living creatures, and that their habitats are just as important as ours (Why Do We Have to Protect the Environment?). We have the potential to protect our ecosystem, but we are choosing to destroy it. It is with great respect that I ask you to reverse the current situation and use our power for good, “because humans have the greatest power to damage ecosystems, humans also have the greatest duty to protect ecosystems” (Why Do We Have to Protect the Environment?).

Take in consideration the environmental implications that each of your decisions has. Although it may seem tedious, I will thank you, along with our future generations. This world is our home, and we must treat it with respect. Our nation cannot claim the title of a world leader if we aren’t guiding other nations when it comes to environmental protection. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to a cleaner Earth.


Hannah Wood

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