Anisah A. Louisiana

Fracking and its effects on the environment.

The concern of fracking has surfaced recently, and it is a enormous issue.

Dear Future President:

The concern of fracking has surfaced recently, and it is a enormous issue. Fracking is a method of removing fossil fuels from the earth and results in many problems, such as harm to wildlife and the environment.

Fracking creates water pollution and is possibly creating earthquakes as well (Hilary Bernstein). Some additional concerns are air pollution, toxic chemical exposure, and infrastructure degradation. Fracking may also be what has led to health issues in certain animals. When fracking wastewater is spilled across cow pastures and into the cows drinking water, they start dying and give birth to dead calves. In one case, an accidental release of fracking fluids into a pasture adjacent to a drilling operation resulted in seventeen cows dying within an hour ( Nicole Dā€™Alessandro).

With these drastic effects on the environment, something has to be done to help. Alternate power sources could help if not fix the problem. Fossil fuels are used to power cars and many other modern machines. However, there are many other ways to power such machines. Using the alternatives, such as electric cars and solar satellites to improve the condition of the environment. If large companies were obligated to use more Eco friendly products, then there would not be such a large demand for fossil fuels.


Anisah Ashraf

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