Benny S. California

Mr. Trump

This is what I think you should do as president.

Dear Mr Trump,

My name is Benny and I have a few requests to ask you when you become president.

My first request is that you lower taxes and cut gas prices.

I also think that building more schools and less tobacco companies will be very helpful for our society.

I would also like it if you can get more jobs and help people get off the off the streets because if you don't do that then there will be a lot more mess and no one likes to have a messy planet.

To end off my plans i strongly do not agree with the wall.

If you build a wall it will cost way too much and it will take up to much valuable time and resources. Also we will go into debt because it will cost so much and then the taxes will be increased greatly so please build a wall. This will end my claim.

sincerely, Benny 

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