Audrey V.

The Gender Pay Gap

Addressing the gender pay gap

Dear future president, 

The issue of the gender pay gap is commonly, and far too often, overlooked in our nation. As women continue to work equally as diligently and as hard as men, women are payed significantly less than men for their vital contribution in the workplace. In fact, in 2015, full-time, year-round working women earned only 79 cents to man's whole dollar. Additionally, in 2014, Latina women earned a mere 54 percent, and colored women earned 63 percent of what the equally educated and experienced white man earned. These facts are startling-- especially in a world where man and woman are supposedly considered equal. With identical experience and education as their male counterparts, there is absolutely no excuse or explanation for the gender pay gap. For as important as this issue is to our nation, it does not receive nearly as much attention as it should. You, our future president, would earn a great deal of respect from women around the globe for addressing, or even attempting to close, this gender pay gap.

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St. Joseph's Academy


For all the lovelies in my 2nd hour.

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