Caroline Virginia

A Nation Divided Can Not Stand

we have a growing America, lets bring the new, old, similar and opposing together.

Dear President,

I would like to start by introducing myself. I am a Virginia resident, United States born citizen, young person, daughter, sister, employee, student and among many other things. I have had the pleasure of being brought up in a nation that is wildly diverse and always changing and growing. As of today at 14:05, November the first, 2016, I am just one of 324,835,474 people who find themselves a part of the Unites States of America as a legal citizen that you are responsible for and represent. I expect with one number that size, which increases by one person every 13 seconds, it can be an overwhelming task to adequately hear each individual. I hope you will see it on your personal agenda to end this chaos and division upon our citizens, and include every separate person into a unified, peaceful population.

As of this week, big name corporate media sources such as: USA today, The Washington Post, New York Times, Fox and CNN news and a rally of other voices have boasted, and exposed headline topics revolving around our National, and Global state. Thousands of stories, such as Toyota will test keyless car sharing, Conference highlights drug epidemics effects on Kids, Obamacare's true cost, Man at Trump rally yells anti-semitic chant, A new target of Gun Control advocates, If these Latinos vote Hillary will probably gain Florida and a host of other similar articles are pumped out all day long from journalist in all 50 states. It has almost become popularly accepted, and expected, for stories related to black lives matter and police brutality, transgender shaming, religious prosecution, terrorist control, anti-immigration, rioting, shootings and government conspiracies to air on the evening news. Dear President each of these leading topics, forgive me if I have forgotten a few, all have two opposing parties.

The American population boasts a variety or ethnic backgrounds, genders, sexual preferences, cultures, races and religious beliefs both adopted from foreign lands and domestic territories. All are different and hold their own priorities, and all are equal and welcomed at Lady Liberty. It seems only fit that when neglected, issues can grow out of hand to where not just individuals, families and communities can disagree, but an entire nation can be divided among itself, as seen in the Civil War. As President Lincoln famously stated in a speech in Springfield, Illinois 1858, "A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved -- I do not expect the house to fall -- but I do expect it will cease to be divided”. A specific issues recently that has turned into violent public protest, is the black lives matter movement. 580 African Americans have been fatally wounded by police since January first, 2015, with five of those cases being televised for riots and protests. The hashtag #blacklivesmatter has gone viral on a number of social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The number of tags on Instagram has grown to 4,318,522 while the opposing tag #blacklivesdontmatter has recently grown a following of 14,918 and #whitelivesmatter has 46,302 tags. These comments and expressions have offended and created hostility between much of the african american and white community as well as the growing disrespect for police authority. This year's superbowl and Oscars have experienced voicings and boycotts from influential celebrities as well who have felt these dividing pressures. All of these races and profiles are represent by you and under your influential leadership, please remind them of their similarities.

The topic of immigration has found itself as a popular topic in the news also. Headliners like “Racial profiling affecting immigration rates from Middles East” , “Hate Crimes Against American Muslims Most Since Post 9/11 Era” and the famous candidates quote “I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words.” have stained and torn our society. More than 50% of America's immigrants have been from Mexico since 2000. 52.6 percent of ethnic based hate crimes are anti-hispanic or latino bias. Many Latinos also claim to experience being stereotyped as illiterate, illegal border hoppers, having a poor work ethic, stealing American jobs and among other things that are often repeated by the stream of comedians and entertainers today. After the Al Qaeda attacks in 2001 Arabic and muslim-American communities have felt similar hostilities. Boarding checks at airports have become more strict and racial profiling for gun purchases and traveling has targeted immigrants from the middle eastern areas. Of the 1,223 religious hate crimes recorded in 2013 muslims endured the second leading at 13.5 percent behind the Jewish faith. The leading concern is the part the entertainment plays in this racist movement. Comedians share stereotypes and politicians push to strengthen racial profiling and threaten to even stop refugees from Syria from entering the country. The ideas when shared make America a less welcoming home for foreign populations and societal acceptance for all brands of racism. Leaders, like you, need to encourage the masses to be accepting, not making decisions that disclude or go against minorities basic beliefs.

I don't want to illude or pretend to believe that uniting a diverse country is a simple task or that immigration, racism and politicians are the only issues in America. The controversial topics dividing our great nation into two sides go much further than these. The basics that make communities and cultures what they are is what also makes them prone to disagreement. I ask that you consider this as a priority for you, your cabinet and those you can influence. That you educate society on all areas and all types of people to prevent further grudging and violence. When you make a decision, consider all beliefs and how it would affects families, businesses and cultures. I ask that you learn about the great citizens of your territory and take interest in keeping diversity. Mediate between parties, don't side with one. It is now 18:51 and 324,846,830

Are living under American law as a citizen. In the time it took me to write this 1,356 people were introduced to American life. This is your responsibility to welcome the new and knit them in with the old while patching the tears and disagreements. We need you to be our leader and bring us together. Please bring peace and change with your agenda and in a way that everyone can enjoy it.

Thank you

Sincerely, Caroline Macauley


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