Cejai F. Virginia

College Costs

Cost of College expenses

Dear President,

I have become aware that the Cost of College has come to be questioned by American citizens, families and myself over the course of a few years. I did some research and write the following paper to you consulting reliable sources to back my argument up. President, the Cost of College is rising at a rapid rate, and people can not afford it. A solution to the issue for the American people could help reduce the middle class stress and tension.

The College Board says, “There are five main categories of expenses to think about when figuring out how much your college education is really going to cost.” The College Board is an organization that creates the standardized tests that are used for college entrance. The five categories are tuition, room and board, books, food, and personal expenses. This is a great tool for high school and other potential college students to look at because the breakdown helps people understand where the money you pay the college goes toward in your education. The simple breakdown could help people choose the right college for them, so making more available resources for people could help a lot.

Recently, I have started my Junior year of high school so my family and I are prime college hunting season. There are some colleges that are on my list but I probably will not apply to because the tuition rate is too much. While student loans are available not everyone wants to apply due to the debt after college. Federal financial aid is also available but sometimes people can not get money because their families simply “make too much.” Forbes says, “ Since 1978 , fee increases have over doubled , to closer to 3% a year, reflecting the enormous growth in student loan and grant programs.” President, if aid is going to be offered then it can not be nit picky about who gets the aid.

Majority of Americans are considered middle-class. Middle class families are struggling but “free college” should not be promoted. If Americans are smart then they would know that the taxpayers would be paying for their education. Most middle-class families are the backbone of this country so to offer them nothing for their children when all these people did was work their butts off to provide for them is awful. The New York Times wrote an article stating, “ For young adults from well educated, middle-class families- the people who will find a way to get through despite the costs-rising college tuition is a personal challenge.” Middle class families don’t need “free college” they need more resources available. Free college would mean that the education would not have any meaning like a high school education. President, think about it, would you want a former criminal teaching your grandchildren? These are things to think about before implementing a plan that corrupts the American system.

President, a plan needs to be made where the colleges all have one rate or the areas need to be looked at for tuition rates. So President, America lies in your hands, will you reform college rates or give handouts? Please, make logical choices and look at all aspects. Think about all the little children in the future who may be affected by the plan you implement. Your presidency will be forever known in history, make it strong and lasting.


Cejai F.

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