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Loryne Fowler

Mrs. Lancaster

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Dear Mr. President,

I hope you take the time to read this letter I am writing to you, please take this seriously. The issue I am writing to you about is drug abuse. This issue matters to me because my uncle used to do extreme drugs and he got put in the hospital because of it. It has come to my attention that drug abuse has become a huge issue in the united states. This issue matters to a larger population because it’s everywhere and anyone can get their hands on it. They start off with experimenting and then it turns into something bigger. High School students, college students and adults are struggling horribly from overdoses and addictions. Percentages between the ages 12-13 are 2.9%, 14-15 are 8.0% 16-17 are 11.2%,18-20 are 10.4%, 21-25 are 4.5%, and 26 or doler .3%. The percentages stand for the percents of the ages to start drug use. My personal experience connects to the issue on the national level in the matter of seeing my uncle abuse drugs and alcohol and knowing that i’m not alone, that there are other teens out there like me seeing this. This issue doesn’t have a personal group, it should matter to everyone. The causes of this issue is that lack of education we get about drug abuse, over prescribed pain medication, and parents not being in their child’s life enough. I have a few things I feel you should take in consideration in making this issue better. Providing accurate information and investigating the youth. You should make treatment available on request like any other health service. Law enforcement control should be stronger and focus on more drug abuse situations. You should also respect states rights and and allow new approaches to be tried. If everyone believed the same perspective, it should be that drug overdoses and them being abused should be taken care of more appropriately, Prescribed drugs should have a lower dosage and drug tests should be more frequent. These three points could help this issue: openly allow new approaches for drug abuse to be changed, Make treatment available for everyone, and make drug abuse more of a priority. Mr. President if you could do these few things the United States would be better as a nation.


Loryne F.

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